About Us

Everything Swedish, Finnish & American Lifestyle

Our Dream

Our dream is to grow with our blog & Youtube channel.

Show our happy moments and give our audience valued information.

Why Arctic Family?

Swedish/American Family.
Active Family of 4. Living close to Sweden and Finland border.
2 hours from Arctic Circle.
Daughter, Lana – 6 years.
Son, Liam – 5 years.
Dad is from United States & Mom is from Sweden. So we are going to put up Swedish/Finnish/American traditions and travel blogs on this website and the same on the Youtube channel. Click here to go to the Youtube channel.

Love being active with sports, singing, dancing, traveling, video games & movie nights.

Thanks for reading and hope you come back!

Sincerely, Jenny and Joseph (Joey) aka mom and dad in the family.

Arctic Circle, Finland (Santa Claus Holiday Village)

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