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How Sweden Celebrates Easter

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How to buy Swedish candy if you’re in another country

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Swedish candy terms that you may want to know

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Trying Finnish Easter Dessert: Mämmi

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Swedish Summer Food

Swedish Waffles can be eaten with strawberries and ICE cream or whip cream…

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Trying Finnish Easter Dessert: Mämmi

Really surprised by the taste… Traditional Finnish Easter dessert. Some people from Finland like it, some don’t. Is it chocolate, or something else? What does it taste like? Watch the video below to find out! Subscribe for more Mämmi content or more trying different nordic treats! Curious about Swedish & Nordic Treats? Buy Here To … Continue reading Trying Finnish Easter Dessert: Mämmi

How To Celebrate Easter in Sweden

Scroll down to learn how Swedes celebrate Easter weekend. Easter Dinner Making Easter Dinner in Sweden, called “smörgåsbord”.You can have pickled herring, shrimp, salmon & more. We are an American & Swedish family so we also have ham with mustard and honey. Making different eggs with salmon and fish eggs (video below). Påskmust is a … Continue reading How To Celebrate Easter in Sweden

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