Our Trip to Treehotel in Sweden!

See how nice these treehouses are? Hard to find places to stay? Really nice owners of the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden. In the winter you have a chance to see northern lights. What a sight!They have different kinds of treehouses. Hotel rooms in the trees. A few of them to mention: The UFO, The Mirrorcube,Continue reading “Our Trip to Treehotel in Sweden!”

Fall in the Arctic

Oh, Autumn in the Arctic is an exciting time! As the summer and the Midnight Sun slowly fade away, the cold and darkness slowly creep in. But September and October are still great months to be here, as we get about 10 hours of daylight, and mostly above-freezing temperatures. A great activity for the kidsContinue reading “Fall in the Arctic”

Playing With Lana And Liam!

Hide and Seek in the Arctic! Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? The thrill of hiding in the perfect hiding spot undetected. And than we added extra excitement to our game of hide and seek by having to tag after someone is found! There are many perfect places to play hide andContinue reading “Playing With Lana And Liam!”