How To Celebrate Easter in Sweden

Scroll down to learn how Swedes celebrate Easter weekend.

Easter Dinner

Making Easter Dinner in Sweden, called “smörgåsbord”.
You can have pickled herring, shrimp, salmon & more.

We are an American & Swedish family so we also have ham with mustard and honey.

Making different eggs with salmon and fish eggs (video below).

Påskmust is a soda Swedes drink during Easter.

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Decoration & Crafts

Kids do crafts and decorate with “Påskris”

Watch the video below about this topic.

Our daughter painted some eggs (the picture above is fake eggs) but you can use real hard-boiled eggs.

Easter Weekend

Our weekend is called “påsk” (Easter) and it’s a 5-day weekend.

skärtorsdagen (Maudy Thursday)

långfredagen (long Friday on a Friday)

Påskafton (Easter eve)

Påskdagen (Easter Day),

Annandag påsk (another Easter Day or Easter Monday)

In the year 2022, the Easter weekend is from the 14th to the 18th of April (The dates vary year to year)

Kids have an Easter break for a week from school (From age 6 and up)

Swedish kids dress up as witches

On Easter, kids paint their cheeks red, dress up as witches with a scarf on their heads, wear a dress/shawls, and go around and ask for candy.

Go to our Youtube Channel and see our videos about Easter. Follow our channel for our recent videos!

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk!

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