Fall in the Arctic

Oh, Autumn in the Arctic is an exciting time! As the summer and the Midnight Sun slowly fade away, the cold and darkness slowly creep in. But September and October are still great months to be here, as we get about 10 hours of daylight, and mostly above-freezing temperatures.

A great activity for the kids in the Autumn months, is of course, to dive into a big pile of leaves! As you can see in our picture, there are tons and tons of leaves all over the place. The only thing is, they tend to be a bit wet since it also rains quite a bit during the Fall. But here, we have special clothes for this weather. The kids have overalls that are compleltely waterproof that allows them to splash and roll around in anything they want, without getting wet!

But in general, the fall is between two extremes. There isnt the heat and the sun of the summer, or the cold and snow and darkness of winter. This may be one of the most “lagom” (Swedish word that means “about perfect” or “just right”.)

What do other families like to do in the fall? Please comment and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

1 thought on “Fall in the Arctic

  1. Georgia Makitalo October 17, 2020 — 6:20 pm

    The dogs and I love to walk in the forest and enjoy the rustling leaves. And if we are lucky, the northern lights will come out. That is my favorite!


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